Welcome to the RP Wiki!
The UTAU Wiki RP Wiki is a Wikia for Roleplaying, created to help stop the overflowing of RP threads on the Undertale AU Wiki.

So far, there are 14 articles and 31 Images. Maybe you can help out by addding Roleplay threads/pages/discussions threads, but make sure to carefully and throughly read the Rules! If you need any help, please contact Wiki Temmie for assistance.

Submitting a Roleplay
To submit a Roleplay into the Wiki, you must follow the creation rules.
Creating an Article for your RP

You must have proper grammar in your article. It must have a description on what custom rules there are, other than the Rules on this Wiki, and you must explain the topic of the RP and what characters there/the location where the RP is taking place, unless the character can be whatever you want/there is not set location, or it is unnecessary

Creating a Discussions Thread

You must have proper grammar, and you must describe the rules, topic, characters, and the location, unless the character can be whatever you want. You must point it out, however.

Creating a RP on someone's message wall

You must first ASK the User, before directly starting the RP. If the User agrees, you must explain the RP to them, unless it can be whatever you want, but you must point it out.

Roleplaying in Chat

You must first PM the User on chat and PM only, as for it is most likely other Users came to chat only to have a group talk, and the message will create clutter. If the User agrees in PM, then you must explain the rules, characters, and location, unless it can be whatever you want, but you must point it out. Note that if you would like to RP, it has to be in a PM as for the RP may create spam and clutter the history.

Page that breaks these Rules

If a page fails to meet these standards, then they will be tagged with the {{Delete}} template and will be deleted within a week. Now go have fun RPing!!!

Wiki Activity

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